Super Easy, No Knead Bread

Crunchy and Easy No Knead Dutch Oven Bread


Meme’s Snow Cream

The world changes when it snows So it's been snowing here again (yay!) and after sledding, we decided to make snow cream (with a side of coffee and Glühwein)! I have fond memories of making this with my meme growing up. I have 2 recipes I use. The one with milk and sugar is Meme's… Continue reading Meme’s Snow Cream


Quick and Yummy Overnight Y’Oats

Good food, good mood! Sometimes I feel like dealing with Daylight Savings time and little humans is worse than a full moon as a nurse. In Germany, we "fell back" last weekend (a week earlier than our family and friends in the US). The spawns seem to think this is a reason to wreck havoc… Continue reading Quick and Yummy Overnight Y’Oats