About Me


“We need to hang around people that pour water on the fires of our fears, and throw gasoline on the passions of our dreams.” – Kris Vallotton

Hi! I’m Meghan, the woman behind the madness. Whether you’re an old friend or you’ve stumbled upon (remember that website?!) my blog, welcome!

Our house is somewhere back there!

I’m pregnant momma waddling around calling myself a runner still, labor & delivery nurse, and cloth diapering momma, whose dogs keeps destroying any chances of a successful garden. The path to where I am and where I plan to go have not played in a straight line like I thought it would. Instead, it has been a chaotic, squiggly line and a bad game of connect the dots. I’m by no means perfect, I swear too much, and my favorite word is “obnoxious”, so continue at your own risk!

I’ve started this blog so I have a place to reminisce on my families adventures & talk about our journey to a low toxin life. I have always loved to write down quotes & do good for the environment.

Our spur of the moment Marshall Gulch hike that resulted in us seeing snow in Arizona in February!

We are currently living in southern Germany, but eager to back to the states! We have lived in Missouri, Kentucky/Tennessee, Georgia, & Arizona. You can find us hiking, reading good books, trying our best at being parents, & debating in the German grocery over organic produce wrapped in plastic or non organic produce without plastic.   Justin has a degree in industrial technology education, but plans to go back to school for animal science or wildlife management once he gets out of the army.

Whether you are a parent, wife, military spouse, natural-ish living person, runner, nurse, adventurer, or something else all together, you will fit in perfectly! Thank you for visiting and I hope you have a blessed day.