Visiting the “Salt Castle”

“Climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every rainbow, until you find your dream.”


European cities never cease to amaze me. This past July, we spent a few nights in an Austrian city most have heard of – Salzburg.  This beautiful city’s name is German and literally translates to “Salt [Salz] Castle [Burg]”.  This city has roots that have been traced back to the stone age. It is filled with Medieval and Baroque style buildings that have managed to avoid being captured or destroyed for centuries, until WWII when 46% of the buildings were destroyed.

For the most part, you do not see the devastation that occurred during WWII.  The city is beautiful and with it’s huge hills, you can get some fabulous views of the city.  We were only here for a couple days (one being my birthday!) and were able to do a self-walk tour and also a Sound of Music bike tour.  I wish Justin and I had rented bikes in more cities we have visited, but we have rented bikes in other places now.  Justin gets his work out by pulling the girls in a wagon and I just pedal along enjoying the views.

The Sound of Music Bike Tour

For those who do not know, the Sound of Music is a musical and movie based on a family from Austria during WWII. They were a musical family, they did escape the Nazi’s, Maria did become the Captain’s wife, and they ended up in Vermont, USA.


The Mirabell Garden’s was our first stop and was full of beautiful flowers. The girls loved running around, smelling the flowers, and trying to play in the water under the Pegasus statue. Plus, see Hohensalzburg Fortress in the back? This is also where “Do-Re-Mi” is sang.

In real life, the Van Trapps performed here. In the movie, this is where we see them singing “Edelweiss”.

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