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5 Ways to Reduce Household Toxins

“If you listen to your body when it whispers, you won’t have to hear it scream.”

Living toxin free is impossible. Unless you plan to go live off grid, in a huge forest, you’re going to come into contact with toxins somewhere.  Whether it’s the run off from pesticides sprayed on the park’s grass or smelling that vehicle’s exhaust that drove by, you’re going to come into contact with toxins somewhere. And it’s not just about the environment, it’s also about our own health.

We are exposed to toxins everywhere. From flame retardants sprayed on furniture to questionable ingredients in US cosmetics, they’re everywhere.  You really need to become a conscious consumer to avoid these things & just because you hear “I used this and was fine”, you have to consider that today’s generations are exposed to more toxins in more ways than ever before. I’m a little bit of a science nerd, so I feel if I used “chemical-free” or “natural” in posts there will be backlash. But I do like to use these words more than constantly saying two negative words, avoiding toxins.

So what’s one to do? Some things we do in our house are:

  • Store food in glassware
  • Cook with cast iron, although ceramic & stainless steel get used from time to time
  • Buying more cotton or other naturally occurring fabrics for clothes
  • Owning lots of air purifying plants
  • Making condiments
  • Eating organic or not plastic wrapped produce
  • Avoiding conventional cleaners or detergents
  • Opting for natural skin & hair care products
  • Not wearing shoes inside
  • Put our babies in cloth diapers
  • Take our Hydro Flasks everywhere with us

Now, these are not things we started all at once. It is an on going process that we are still tweaking to work for our family today & we have a lot of room to grow! When you start your journey or if you’re already on it, remember that one brand may not work for you but the next might. Things were not perfect for us from the get go. Below is a little graphic I made with some ways that are not what I always see when I read about decreasing toxins in our lives.

Start small! What are some things you would like to change? What are you already doing?

Interested in learning about the toxin free products we use in our house? I like to include toxin free tips and would love for others to share theirs!

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